This selection of photos was sent to me by Bill Jones

They are housed at the SCHOOL OF MILITARY ENGINEERING at Moorbank NSW

169030  is minus a motor, gearbox and clutch


This one has  most of the MK5 fittings.

It has the up armoured on the glacis plate and has a "B" barrel


The 100-gallon fuel tank is attached, but the .50 Cal drilling in the gun mantlet is not there

There are at least two other Centurions in this situation 169034, 169038, by that I mean no .50 Cal


It does not appear to have the IR light carry cage on the turret or the Commanders Ammo cage for the .30 cal liners and infantry radio

But these items could have been unbolted



The road wheels on the glacis plate look in a bad way



Looking sore and sorry


It was a goer I believe and they are hoping to get her up and running again


Not much better from the rear


She has had the .50 cal ranging gun fitted


The fitting straps for the 100-gallon tank


 The straps for the 100 gallon tank showing the counter sunk screws


This shows an un armoured glacis plate on 169034

Note in front of the driver scopes the two lugs for the windscreen

 note the steel in front -- now look at the next picture

This is an up - armoured glacis plate, note the cut away in front of the drivers hatches and also around the towing lugs. 

This shows how thick the up- grade section is. The two roadwheels  on the glacis (not shown here) also add more protection.

The road wheels were fitted level, but in Vietnam when driving closed down, the one in front of the driver obscured his vision, and was removed. The bracket was later dropped down and the road wheel refitted

169102 Owner is Peter Bailey - Gunandah - NSW

The day it was purchased at Holbrook NSW being driven out to the low loader


All on board ready to go home


The  unload at  home - looks easy - it's not!


At a field day display


Some help and assistance from a local unit


A bit of the big brother


Yeah, sorry - you did have right of way.




This is a work of art that was constructed by a pair or artists named Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro.

They were trained as artists at COFA and display their work primarily in Sydney


I believe its meant to reflect a Caravan --- its named "Package Tour"?


But its a Centurion ! No numbers are available but as it has an " A " Barrel, also the IR light and in this photo can be seen the three white stripes between the two  people at the rear. In the top photo the paint scheme can be made out, when expanded and so its my guess that its 169124 Owned by the Paintball place in Sydney


This shows that there is no 100 Gallon fuel tank on 169124 and the three white strips are shown


This shot displays the "A" Barrel and the IR light displayed. Also the design of the paint is easily seen.


This sign was displayed with the Centurion and "Paintball" can be seen.

Also the name "Heartbreak Ridge"


The name "Heartbreaker" has been displayed on the Centurion for quite a long while

Its done with tape, something I have not seen before, they are always painted on.

The price of the ARTWORK is offered at $60,000-00

The "Puckapunyal 6 miles" sign. This sign was found wired under a Centurion side plate when they arrived in SVN.

To this day no one appears to know who put it there.