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169031  on the water

This web site is a collection of photos, stories and memories from times past, of all the Centurion Main Battle Tanks that were found in Australia which served in the R.A.A.C.

My search took well over  six years and with a lot of help from all you out there.

So far 142 Centurions were found from a total of 144. There were 143 Centurions owned by the Australian Army but there are two 169080 Centurions in existence. One being a rebuild of a mine damage Tank, the other being the original Hull.

I am hoping that in time we will find the rest.


The first part of my search was made and recorded on CD's. There are the original CD and a second one of hundreds of photo's. I then continued on and did a second disk and again another one of more photos and video clips. It was at this point of time that I started this webpage. If you would like to see the whole story from the start, you may like to purchase the Cd's.

Anyone that would like to purchase the  CD's or make contact with me, can phone me on 03 5781 1312, or use the guest book below. Regards Col.

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   Please click here for    Centurion MBT Part 2

Please click here for   Stall Change  Part 3

Please click here for      Battle Tank part 4

Please click here for     Steel-tracks - PART 5

Please click here for          Centmbt Part 6

Please click here      Flex Mount Part 7

Please click here     Auxgen Part 8 

Please click here      Front-Idler Part 9



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The address below has video's of some Centurion drives






NEW $2500



NEW $1475

RECO all new except case $975

Spareparts kit for light $300

Phone me on 03 5781 1312 for details


TTMhe.gif (1131 bytes)    Armoured Modellers site   TTMhe.gif (1131 bytes)


A great site to find the bits for the Centurion Australian conversion


other armoured vehicles


Specialist Military, Naval & Aviation Bookdealers

PO Box 615,
Joondalup 6919
Tel/ Fax (08) 9405 6531
ABN: 34 185 939 209



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Centurion Fan Belts NOS

AU$20 per pack of 3

Info can be obtained from Doug's site - Heavy Metal - which has a link below


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